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„Man reist nicht um   anzukommen, sondern um zu reisen."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

„Die Welt ist ein Buch. Wer nie reist, sieht nur eine Seite davon."

Augustinus Aurelius


"Egal wie weit der Weg ist, man muss den ersten Schritt tun."

Mao Tse-tung


"Ich glaubte es wäre ein Abenteuer, aber in Wirklichkeit war es das Leben."

Joseph Conrad


"Ein Abschied schmerzt immer, auch wenn man sich schon lange darauf freut."

Arthur Schnitzler


"Zu allem Großen ist der erste Schritt der Mut." 

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 


Etwas Mut, ein erster Schritt- und das Unmögliche kann möglich werden.



Happy New Year!

Hello everybody!

I wish you all the very best for 2013 and a happy new year! I can't believe that I'm here for 4 months now and that I'm going to fly home this year! But it's a good feeling too though. School started again after the break today, and I realized that I actually missed school, because it's so much fun here. So I'm glad to go back to school, even if it sounds funny for German people. 

I bet you want to know how I celebrated New Year's Eve in Canada. If not, just don't read further ;) 

On the 31st nothing special happened. My friend, Annika, was still here and in the evening I went over to Liverpool with her to her host family. We were there around 9pm and we basically just waited and ate candy and chocolate. We watched the countdown in Halifax on TV and then it was 2013. Unbelievable! I still can't believe it, because I don't know where my year 2012 went?! After 12pm we went outside, we is now Annika, Kennedy (her friend) and me and we walked to the beach and it was actually pretty cool to be on the beach in the moonlight and there was a whole bunch of frozen seaweed and we were able to stand on it. Pretty cool to spend New Year's Eve on the beach on a bunch of frozen seaweed in the moonlight. We had fun. After we walked home we were just in time to watch the Balldrop on the Times Square in NYC (1am our time). It was so awesome to see and I really want to spend one New Year's Eve of my life there! Then we went to the beach again to do some fireworks. We didn't have much and we only had it, because of Annika and me, because fireworks aren't very popular here (except for at the big events) almost nobody is doing them on their own, what I think is pretty sad. Fireworks and New Year's Eve just belongs together for me. It was a cool night and we went to bed at around 3:30am. We slept a long time and just relaxed the whole day. We did one cool thing. Kennedy was coming over again and we did a note in a bottle (Flaschenpost) and threw it into the sea. I'm really curious if we'll get an answer back and from where. In the evening of New Year's Day we went to the movie theatre in Bridgewater and saw "This is 40". It was a really funny movie and a great thing to end New Year's Day. 

I came back to Digby on the second and now everything is normal again. We still have snow outside from the snowstorm we got last Sunday, about 20-25cm I think. I love it, it looks so lovely and pretty outside and I'm just waiting for my first "Snow Day" at school. It is so cold outside this week. Today the high was around -8°C and with the wind chill around -20°C. That is so freaking cold! 

I'm going to write later again guys. Happy New Year! Time flies.


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    Antonia (Donnerstag, 03 Januar 2013 22:30)

    no firework? sounds a little bit weird for me :)
    but being on the beach at new years day sounds very cool!
    I wish I could expcerience as much as you ! <3
    good luck for the future you canadian girl ;)

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