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„Man reist nicht um   anzukommen, sondern um zu reisen."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

„Die Welt ist ein Buch. Wer nie reist, sieht nur eine Seite davon."

Augustinus Aurelius


"Egal wie weit der Weg ist, man muss den ersten Schritt tun."

Mao Tse-tung


"Ich glaubte es wäre ein Abenteuer, aber in Wirklichkeit war es das Leben."

Joseph Conrad


"Ein Abschied schmerzt immer, auch wenn man sich schon lange darauf freut."

Arthur Schnitzler


"Zu allem Großen ist der erste Schritt der Mut." 

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 


Etwas Mut, ein erster Schritt- und das Unmögliche kann möglich werden.



Half time & Exams

Hi everybody :)

Today is half time of my time here in Canada. 151 days here and 151 days to go! I can't believe it, time flies so fast and I don't really know if I should be happy or not. On one hand I can't wait to come back to Germany and to see my family and my friends again, but on the other hand I serioulsy never want to leave this wonderful place! I love it here! 

This week, January 28th-31st, was exam week. We had one exam every day in the first two periods and for the rest of the day you can either go home and study for the next one or hang out with your friends. I only had two exams this week, Monday and Tuesday in English and Science, because last Thursday I already had my oral French and Tourism exam. All of them were really easy and I only had to study for science. 

The written exams were a mix between multiple choice, short and long (essay) answers. 

Tomorrow, on Friday February 1st, the second semester starts. The courses I have right now are:

Business Technology 11

PE 11

Child Studies 11

Math 10

I will see if I like these courses and if not I will change them. 

Last week it was freezing cold here in Canada. We had about -15 to -20°C, but with the wind that blows really strong here at the sea, we had about -25 to -35°C. It was so cold I'm telling ya! I've never had those temperartures in my life and it was just so cold! Yesterday it began to warm up and we got rain :( It was a weird feeling to go out when it's 5°C and you feel like it's really warm. Now we have about 10°C with really strong winds and a lot of rain. It sucks, but it's actually nice after this week of freezing cold temperatures.

I think that's it for now,

Hugs to Germany


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